joi, 16 iulie 2015

Sennheiser Pc 350 SE (Special Edition)

Hi Mike speaking today I'm going to review the Sennheiser Pc350 SE(Special Edition).
The first that you will notice about these headsets it's designed to be portable it comes with an awesome travel case which is extremely sturdy and will protect your headsets from being damaged and anything that could occur when you're on the move. You'll also notice that the headset comes fold-able, you can easily fold up all the ear pads and everything like that, it's extremely portable, extremely light weight as well literally there is no weight on these headsets at all so you can say the main design here is to be portable. The ear pads are also designed to be extra large so they fit all away around your ear meaning no sounds that is unwanted will come into your ears so means if you're having gaming sessions or you don't want to be distracted by noise around you. The sound blocking on Sennheiser Pc 350 SE (Special Edition) is not perfect i mean not like one of those high end headsets that have like noise blocking feature but it definitely keeps the sound out. It's also really comfy the ear pads have a thick layer of foam which as is said fit around the ear making very comfortable, the headband is also fitted with foam which ads additional comfort. You can also wear glasses I've tried it i wear glasses myself when i was gaming and there is actually a big gap between the ear pads and the headset frame and you can comfortably wear glasses while using these so that's perfectly fine. So for the specs on the right side there is a volume control wheel that you can slide up and down i think that is really easy to be able to go the right side of you ear and switch the volume like that especially if you're using a laptop you might not be able to access to the volume control so i think that is just great. The microphone is one of the best mikes that i ever seen or heard even on a headset.One thing i would like to say is that playing something like music is not great through this headset, i didn't find the bass and things like that was that great it was a little bit flat, however they are great if you're gaming because gaming music is not necessarily that loud the main thing that you hear in a game is sound effect. The cable is 3 meters long which is great it also has a mike and an audio jack. I really recommend the Sennheiser Pc 350 SE (Special Edtion) i really like how comfortable they are.